Refunds & Cancellation Policy

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To address situations when;

  1. A registrant cancels or
  2. A registrant does not show or
  3. The Chapter cancels an event.

Chapter cancellation includes but is not limited to insufficient enrollment, venue or speaker problems, weather, natural disaster or acts of nature. Notification of event cancellations will be posted on the PMI Alaska website once a determination is made by the PMI Alaska Board and may or may not include e-mail broadcast.

Monthly Dinner Meeting:

There is NO refund, substitutions or transfers for the Monthly Dinner meetings. The Monthly Dinner fee is discounted for those who pay online before the event but will be full price for those paying at the door.

PMP Prep or Refresher Course:

Voucher may be issued for the very next event for a student cancelling the PMP Prep or Refresher course within 48 hours of the event or where unable to complete the course due to an emergency. Registrant should contact the event coordinator for approval to secure a voucher.

Other PDU Events:

1) Partial refunds will be processed as follows:

a. Where registrant notifies the event facilitator (see event details) before the cut-off date refunds are granted in the amount of the registration fee less (minus) a service fee of 5% of the total amount plus cost of materials.

b. After the cut-off date but 2 or more days prior to the event, refunds are granted in the amount of the registration fee less (minus) a service fee of 10% of the total amount plus cost of materials.

c. Two or less days prior to the event, no refunds are granted.

2) The registrant may assign a substitute person to attend the event confirming with the event facilitator 24 hours prior to the event. Some event may be excluded due to required pre-work by students or facilitators.


1) Vendors contracted by PMI Alaska Chapter to provide services such as training classes may have different refund policies. The PMI Alaska Chapter is responsible for outlining and communicating any exceptions/differences to the registrants.

2) Full refunds will be rendered when the event is cancelled by the PMI Alaska.

3) Refund policy exception can be requested by individuals and at the discretion of the PMI AK Board via a Majority Vote approval on a Case by Case basis.

Refund Processing:

1) Refunds may take up to 10 of days to be processed.

2) Registrants who sign up for a class or event and have not submitted payment are not guaranteed a place in class until payment has been received.

3) The "costs of materials" are books, binders, printouts required for the class to be conducted. The price of these materials will vary from class to class. PMI Alaska will be able to provide this information if requested by the registrant.

Events Refunds & Cancellation Policy